Find the Dragon

1st Fabletop

The rogue Kaspher and the druid Darius had been directed by the government of Arkhosia to investigate rumors that a young green dragon had been stealing cattle from a new township along a trade route skirting the edge of a huge swamp. When they explored the swamp they found a ring that gave Kaspher a strange hunger, but he did not know what he hungered for. As they explored, they found an encampment of lizardfolk tending to a herd of drakes. When Kaspher saw the lizardfolk he recognized that he hungered for lizard flesh so he blew up the herd of drakes and their drakeherds. The remaining lizardmen immediately killed him. After Kaspher died, Darius made peace with the lizardfolk and used his druid powers to populate the streams with fish to feed the drakes and he made the land around the encampment fertile and bountiful. Darius earned the eternal gratitude of the lizardfolk and by consuming flesh from some blown up lizards while wearing the ring learned the ability to transform into a lizard the size of an iguana or smaller.


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